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How a seating manufacturer is getting its employees off their butts

Thanks to a $10 million facility expansion, Freedman Seating not only has the space it needs to continue to grow, it also has a workout facility that’s providing employees a way to get into shape and get to know each other better.


When the average person steps onto a bus and chooses a place to sit, they’re likely picking between a window or aisle seat, never realizing how different almost every seat on that bus really is. But as America’s leading supplier of transportation seating, it’s Freedman Seating’s business to know just how much customization goes into every bus they outfit.

The company — started in Chicago in the late 19th century by Hyman Freedman and run today by several members of the Freedman family, including his great-grandson, CEO Craig Freedman — manufactures and supplies bus seats for more than 250 bus distributors, the federal government, and many states and municipalities, as well as seats for trucks, trains, and ferry boats.

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